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Daily News: Apr-8-2017

Daily News: Apr-8-2017 Abuse of inmates in Nuevo Leon jail, Authorities promise to move the "big risk" inmates to a federal jailBack in march 15, a video went viral in Mexico depicting several inmates abusing other inmates by dressing them up in women's lingerie, calling them bitches, beating them up and making them clean up the floors.Today the state agreed to send the "high risk" inmates to federal penitentiaries, and to do a better job supervising the handing of federal funding so it properly goes to infrastructure, training and equipment of penitentiary personel.

Coming Soon: Decade Badges!

Coming Soon: Decade Badges! We always love to celebrate the past, even if it’s just to revisit some of our more interesting fashion choices throughout history.That’s why Pogo is introducing a brand-new set of Special Edition Badges.