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Anon has a fetish

Anon has a fetish my finger in s ear deer like a retardfileid up with talliedwhithin the hear whale fucking nail turned blackHer days alter my firestar was in e.paint take the pain I decided I needed drain this fuckermet e paperclip and Mid it ever athe red hat tip and stink it en my minutemailI Mart melting e hele throught the maillike A pig, feeling like We perfecting surgeryMinotar is pulsing like A motherfucker, We in pain but enduring this shit fer another day mule be even worsebleed starts squirting em of my nailHeel the pressure rush em H my finger, ens of the mast relieving I' everwatching the bleed drip tut gt my nail and chanting ewe fer the bleed gee

Great-grandma kept her pussy warm

Great-grandma kept her pussy warm Great-grandma and cat survive five days in Colorado wildernessAn 85-year-old woman survived in her car for five days with nothing but her pet cat, some spare clothes, snacks and a tin of cat food.Ruby Stein's ordeal began when she took a wrong turn on 21 March while driving in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

The good ol' days

The good ol' days /pol/ack on the incoming Third World War 23 hrs agoYou think being obese is cute?19 hrs agoWhen you order same day shipping and it's 11:59pm 19 hrs agoWhen someone compliments my holiday cheer 18 hrs agoTruly an Inspiration To Gamers Everywhere 10 hrs agoIs it possible to have a post-apo game without zombies?

Google Maps for iOS gets ‘Timeline’ feature to help you recall everywhere you’ve been

Google Maps for iOS gets ‘Timeline’ feature to help you recall everywhere you’ve been The feature, which launched two years ago for Android users, helps you remember travels and activities around your neighborhood and beyond by tracking your movements everywhere you go.To access Timeline, simply hit the menu button top left and select it from the drop-down menu, or tap the place card of a location or business you’ve previously visited.

Anon explains Quantum Gayness

Anon explains Quantum Gayness i Anonymous 09111/ 15( Fri) : 56: 15We some trap an anon posted a fewdays ago.I didn' t save the pics withSQ I her dick in them because I' m not gay244 KB JPGhas long as you cam see the dick it' s not gaySchrodinger' s faggot