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FJ people are amazing

FJ people are amazing The response I got was more than anything I could ever imagine, people on here might be seen as cold at first glance but when someone is in need you all came through.As a grieving father I only wished to show off my baby girl and how amazing she was.

so I guess all white men are pedos now

so I guess all white men are pedos now Widower staying with his owndaughter, 13, is accused of being aPAEDOPHILE by Travelogue staff andinterviewed by police all because hebooked a double roomStaff asked Craig Darwen, Att, to show ID for his daughter Millie, 13, at e: cheeck inHe showed images of them together when she was a baby but they etarded policeMr Darwen, who lost wife ten years ago, and Millie were questioned separatelyMillie was 'd updraught' and left in floods of tea rs after interview with the officer

The good ol' days

The good ol' days /pol/ack on the incoming Third World War 23 hrs agoYou think being obese is cute?19 hrs agoWhen you order same day shipping and it's 11:59pm 19 hrs agoWhen someone compliments my holiday cheer 18 hrs agoTruly an Inspiration To Gamers Everywhere 10 hrs agoIs it possible to have a post-apo game without zombies?


ALWAYS LISTEN TO MORGANA ltitle 'lloll Well, it the cattry) "Christ?on Apr 11.

4chan on a 6 year old daughter

4chan on a 6 year old daughter thanks he s use tune 6 year Nd daughter hes my hear weeks Is heI decided Is reed the perverts take my mind it and s suicide hconner in has tilted it new in a market place.