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The Pigeon Gazette - Pandora's Box

The Pigeon Gazette - Pandora's Box I agree with most of these.15 hrs agowhen in doubt look to a higher power for guidance 21 hrs agoGame: Watch the World die 21 hrs agoHappens to me more than i would like.

Go get dat mone 4 me to stel

Go get dat mone 4 me to stel relive in ChicagoWalking to atBarnNiigger tries to mug mewith knifeare its pm; Lidell him he will have to killmeter my wallet andphanapstart literally begging him to kill me andtelling him I want to die2-" it aint gen play like dat"sshe Closes the distance between us andthrows me to the groundsithis niggers going through my packetswith his knee on my head pinning me downrestarts telling me life isn' t that bad and thatI should just believe in my self