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Coming to Dark Souls So Late That It's Basically Like Going to Disneyland

Eurogamer writer Chris Donland has penned a piece about his first experience with Dark Souls and how the fact that he got late into the title influenced his experience.He likens the early adopters of Dark Souls as its "pioneers" and new players as "tourists".

Dark Souls III Patch v1.05 Released

A new patch for Dark Souls III, the latest and very likely last title in From Software's dark fantasy action-RPG series, has been released today.The full changelog can be found on Reddit, thanks to a post from a Bandai Namco community manager.

Nioh Beta Demo Impressions

Nioh Beta Demo Impressions Hidden away in the PlayStation Store, a “Beta Demo” for the upcoming Action/RPG Nioh has been quietly gaining a lot of positive attention.Created by Team Ninja, Nioh is being compared to Dark Souls and the developer’s previous series, Ninja Gaiden.