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The Current State of Diablo III

The Current State of Diablo III I haven't fired up Diablo III since playing through Reaper of Souls a few times in the first couple of months after its debut, so it's safe to say that I wouldn't be the best person to share feedback on the current state of the action RPG threequel.But I don't have to, as that is the primary scope of this new article on LazyGamer:

Battle Brothers Developer Blog #95

Battle Brothers Developer Blog #95 With the predicted final release window of early 2017 already upon us, Overhype Studios continues pumping out development updates for their upcoming turn based tactical RPG, Battle Brothers.In a so much to do, so little time situation, the current one describes the progress and compromises made on overhauling the game's contracts, and making the general reactivity feel more natural.

Which 40k RPG is the best?

Which 40k RPG is the best? I'm getting into a group that does tabletop RPG gaming like D&D.In addition to the current campaign, I was offered the opportunity to do a sci-fi campaign and my thoughts immediately went to 40k.

Pachter Thinks Console Gaming Will Be Gone By 2020

Pachter Thinks Console Gaming Will Be Gone By 2020 There aren’t many figures more polarizing in the video game industry than Michael Pachter.It’s a bold statement, and one that smacks of technological optimism, but Pachter isn’t asserting that console gaming will be completely gone – just that companies like Sony and Microsoft will adapt to the changing technological landscape.