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Accidentally touched my sense of humor...

Accidentally touched my sense of humor... Antifa Promise to "Shut Down" the Aryan Brotherhood 28 mns agoIgicatule Uladie Kocutleci 59 mns agoGet away from our free lego 1 hr agoFish are becoming transgender due to the chemicals 1 hr agoWe All know where this is going 1 hr agoSAS soldiers beats ISIS fighters with rocks 1 hr ago

The life of the party

The life of the party Did similar murders occur?What kind of sick f**k would do such a 11 mns agoI don't regret the poison that set me free.

Memes that would get 3 Michelin stars

Memes that would get 3 Michelin stars When the koreans find your hiding spot 27 mns agoGotr Cokencev Feer Dimsev 32 mns agoArmored Core memes mini comp 40 mns agoThe Gang; a wholesome gallery of pictures of my pets 56 mns agoAnon's cologne for his date 58 mns agoi juts got mared fj!1 59 mns agoPolitical stuff and things 1 hr ago

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #41

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #41 When out of rockets, use log 4 mns agoHe's a persistent little rascal 10 mns agoHow to ruin a game in 0.2 seconds 15 mns agoLife With Marina and Pearl 20 mns agoBetter to Just Get Married in Skyrim 20 mns agoHe Could've Wrote His Full Name 26 mns agoThe four fusion of midgard 33 mns agoRemember to spay and neuter your cats 43 mns agoSomalian Cop Was A Diversity Hire 48 mns ago