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Canada is a cuck

Canada is a cuck your wife makes bothunderstand that he is going to be servicing your wifewhile you watch- it' s fine.

Herr Springare brings the truth

Herr Springare brings the truth ONE thing that would disqualify a girl from becoming a GF 21 hrs agoFJEvent planning: Wholesome Twitch raid 23 hrs agoBlack Twitter Compilation #89 15 hrs agoNintendo knows exactly what they're doing~ 19 hrs agoWe must fight a common enemy 18 hrs agoHow To Deal With Your Enemies 23 hrs agoDrift so powerful it left the webm silent 18 hrs ago

Antifa Cuck Tries Ruining Based Stick Man's Marriage

Antifa Cuck Tries Ruining Based Stick Man's Marriage ,we like " Ct: Emmett -‘F werettaTeena: G.I gain bunch "his It and We person ears there mamtmm, we up a manage?

elephants on a yacht

elephants on a yacht Anonymous hlt: Lta' as minutes ageWave gt for 6 monthsewe move in together a month agoggf brings her deg, it' s like a [media orwhatever, real cuteatenay I got home from playing golf withmy buddies (inba rich normie fag)Aand my receiving oral from her degsshe just stutters eat "Anon" while I turnaround immediately and walk out the doorsright new I' m on my phone on aMcdonalds, 28 missed callsWat do?Fuck my life.