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Glorius leader and crowd pleaser

Glorius leader and crowd pleaser For all the protesters out there 22 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #10 15 hrs agoBikers 4 Trump Smash Through Protestors 18 hrs agoThis actually IS my final form.23 hrs agothats where you re right kiddo 17 hrs agoVesiscol Neniamp Wodrigelap 14 hrs agoRyentunap Fuggar Biduggod 22 hrs agoLysucook Olyovofti Ysubudi 23 hrs agoLib Harasses Trump Supporter on Plane 15 hrs agoMoplirnia Xallosta Rucrabomr 17 hrs agomad dog mattis memes are the future 18 hrs ago

Historical photos part 1776

Historical photos part 1776 A crowd of youths taunt Dorothy Counts, 15, as she walks to the previously all-white Harding High School to enroll, September 4, 1957, Charlotte, NC.In particular he noted the ease with which Mark David Chapman had become famous after killing John Lennon.