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God damn it fallout

God damn it fallout The Snark on this guy is EPIC.21 hrs agoDeclare ANTIFA a terrorist organization 21 hrs agowho's a good boy?

Erdogan wants to take Europe

Erdogan wants to take Europe Officials across the continent are expecting Erdogan to square up to Brussels, reinstating the death penalty and demanding visa-free travel within the EU’s Schengen area.The increasingly authoritarian Turkish president, who narrowly won a referendum granting him more control over key areas of the government, made an agreement with the EU to home some three million migrants during the height of the migrant crisis.

Daily News: Apr-20-2017

Daily News: Apr-20-2017 The Hajime malware family, which was first uncovered [PDF] by Rapidity Networks researchers last fall, is increasingly competing with the Mirai botnet to infect Internet of Things (IoT) devices.Symantec estimates that Hajime's peer-to-peer network numbers in the tens of thousands of devices, with the majority of infections in Brazil, Iran, Thailand and the Russian Federation.

modern women in a nutshell

modern women in a nutshell MIGRANT CRISIS IN EUROPESyrian migrant rapist who attacked FAIschoolgirl escapes Swiss jail and goes onthe run with female prison guard who fell forhimmiles police have released photos imprison guard Angela (pictured Mill, who thursay is on the run withher lover Hassan aw.Mm'.

joke a day 53

A British General had sent some of his men off to fight for their country in the Falkland Island Crisis.Upon returning to England from the South American island, three soldiers that had distinguished themselves in battle were summoned to the General’s office.

More trash to help postpone your existential crisis

More trash to help postpone your existential crisis Look What You Made Me Do-James Bond Style 11 mns agoListening to the OP looped for eternity 15 mns agoGypsydude has let himself go 19 mns agoWhen you think for 2 seconds 21 mns agoYou have been visited by the I.T lizard!


DINO CRISIS NEEDS A REMAKE When you find out she's a guy 9 mns agoI don't like where this is going 10 mns agoDoes anyone read titles any more?12 mns agoRemember to specify your order 17 mns agoUseless but seems to be a fun stress relief toy 21 mns agoWhen normies try to post memes 28 mns agoYet another doritos comp (that no one asked for) 38 mns ago