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Listen up: NASA wants to talk about a ‘discovery beyond our solar system’

Listen up: NASA wants to talk about a ‘discovery beyond our solar system’ These planets orbiting stars outside our solar system have fascinated astronomers for decades.The agency said yesterday it will host a news conference on Wednesday to discuss recent discoveries of planets beyond our solar system.

Mattis is Kek: Confirmed

Mattis is Kek: Confirmed Before parting ways, Johnson asked thesecretary whether people in the Pentagonwere still calling him "Mad Dog.That was something made up bythe press.


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London Terrorist Confirmed (Khalid Masood)

London Terrorist Confirmed (Khalid Masood) I can only forward information and news as it comes, sometimes the news is breaking and sometimes the news misreports, your understanding is greatly appreciated when such errors occur.As promised, the official name of the London Attacker has been confirmed as London Terrorist Confirmed as Khalid Masood, a Muslim with a 20 Year Police Record who committed an Islamic act of Terror, the death toll is 40 injured with 5 Dead.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Full Length Trailer

Star Wars: Battlefront II Full Length Trailer Erdogan talking to the T*rks following referendum 1 mn agoI'm sure they'll be popular 4 mns agoCan't beat the competition.12 mns agoSome commissions done over the past 2 weeks 20 mns agoThe Hardest Red Pill To Swallow 30 mns agowhy are washing machines evil?

Deviant Art Confirmed Canon

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