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Shia LaBeouf has completely snapped

Shia LaBeouf has completely snapped Japanon examines the alt-right movement 10 mns agoJoe Rogan Podcast in a nutshell 11 mns agoSpoiler alert: he shouldn't 16 mns agoSeems like Greg has eventually found a good home on funnyjunk 19 mns agoYour first dark souls playthrough 24 mns agoanon goes on a pizza hut date 1 hr agoMy mommy always said there were no monsters.1 hr agoNonexathe Absa Balluigepu 1 hr ago

Autism is just Shitty Parenting

Autism is just Shitty Parenting Put a child in front of a his whole infancy to watch people whoare completely unaware of his existence and nayer look at him inthe eyes We completely unrealistic MIS'.for his amusement.

Sephiroth didn't kill Aerith

Sephiroth didn't kill Aerith tarren I ISepiroth didn' t kill Aerith.Sephiroth impaled her through a region the eady that deosn' tcompletely destrey vital organs (at most damage to the liver/ and largeintestine)Also no elem is lest in the scene he majer tweed vessels are damaged.

Go to a doctor bro

Go to a doctor bro 9 mns agoI should clean up a little 10 mns agoThe vice mayor of Charlottesville 15 mns agoWow!20 mns agoNew York State hidden in the mountains 30 mns agoI'd have the same reaction 35 mns agoStar Wars episode X: Revenge of the High Ground!