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Trump Travel Ban Is Completely Legal

Trump Travel Ban Is Completely Legal Judge Blocks Trump Travel Ban Nationwide; White House Vows Te ChallengeOutrageous Order"Following a brief moment of 'success' for the Trump administration as a Boston judge ruled Trump' simmigration policy was not a Muslim ban, a federal judge in Seattle, whe said the states ofWashington and Minnesota can sue claiming their residents were harmed by the ban, granted a nationwidetemporary restraining order blocking Trump' s recent action.FEB 3, 2017 8: 52 PM 43, 092 ' ERIE:Boston Judge Unblocks Trump Travel Ban, Asks "Where Does It Say MuslimCountries?

Samurai completely trashes Canada.

Samurai completely trashes Canada. )2.7 million dollars) was stolen today from the Bode-Museum in Berlin, where it was on display.

Anon is a Fag

Anon is a Fag My dad is not pleased with this fact.Half the time his homophobia doesnt even make sense.