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context is always important.

context is always important. -,i, -i, C' rd ii This is an archived post.You wont be able to vete er comment,t Strategies for dealing with attractive lesbians?

Are we equal in autism?

Are we equal in autism? John Placard F Lets ArgueI don' t see how you can believe in Evolutionand think the races are equal.A Like I Comment00 if You, Barb Spurlock and 13 othersView previous comments 2 of soBlair You clearly don' t know how evolution works.

Supervillain Anish Kapoor's master plan

Supervillain Anish Kapoor's master plan [DN 13 Sept] Lynching white kids for "art" 14 mns agoLet's just see who you really are Mr 16 mns agoQuake 3 Artificial Intelligence 26 mns agoget ready to be embarrassed for other people you don't even know 30 mns ago21 years later and still relevant 35 mns agoAnon's professor gets corrected 40 mns agoIm not sure I understand the issue?47 mns ago