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Daydreamer: Awakened Edition - Game Review | Crash Landed

Daydreamer: Awakened Edition - Game Review | Crash Landed From developer Roland Womack comes a platform, shoot-em up that harkens back to the games of the early 90's.But does it stand the test of time, or should it have been left in the past?

Revisiting Deus Ex: Invisible War

Revisiting Deus Ex: Invisible War 13 years after its release, Richard Cobbett went back to Deus Ex: Invisible War - the oft-maligned sequel to the seminal Deus Ex - in the hope time and a couple of prequels might have been kind to it.The results are available for all to read in a new PC Gamer piece, where unfortunately he comes to the same conclusions many players reached at release:

Norwegian anon meets a hero

Norwegian anon meets a hero I met my hero today iroll Anonymous [Ill.t.


HERE COMES THE WALL AP The Associated Presses UTrump signs executive orders to jumpstartconstruction of border wall, strip funding for so-called sanctuary cities.The Latest: White House distances itself hem minercraftWASHINGTON (AP) - The Latest an President Trump (ail times ideal}:1: 25 pm.

/pol/ misses a paycheck

/pol/ misses a paycheck 97051 34 ) 9705954iwork for a carpentry company that flips housesa bigboyto get our paychecksbawner Comes out and tells us he' ll pay us the next day, but first he wants totell us somethingHells us he' s always wanted to become a woman and that from then on we allhave to call him Margemeat day he doesn' t pay USffind out he stole all the money and ran off to indonesia to get a sex changecoshocker uses his korean mafia connections to track down bosstthey find him working at a night club, dressing like a woman and blowing touristssheet him to death with a tire ironMeyer got paid that last paycheck

But wait there's more

But wait there's more Shit story thread.I' ll startcomes back from Iraqearrings a bunch of with himfella me he try themLlooks nastythem4 bagsidea in retrospectheme passstarts making an amazing impression M a whale callto bathroomairstrike inboundan toilet and let out an ungodly fartwaveverthing else ermee outan was stuckwas determined to get it out of mewith the heme of a thousand sunsNnothingmy will and elenor wary muscle in my bodyemitter a legit battle cry to get my diaphragm to push with enaugh fererellada brother hearsinaudible kekestarts to eema outpain was indescribableesteam rolling down my faeeexpanding sizes beyond human understandingHard tries ta suck itself back up into my assholeso hard I light headed and nearly pass outfinally, the beast had been defeatedl to leek into the heiler aee the atrocity that was produced by my sphincterwhen yea gaze in to the abyss, the abyss gazes back