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the many faces of /r9k/

the many faces of /r9k/ E Anonymous 03105117( Sun) 10: 12: 22 ' 18041Anon, how come you always playas a girl character in videogames?'102 KB JPGE Anonymous 0310511 7( Sun) 19: 12: 53 'because i don' t know how to be a man5 Anonymous 031051’ ( Sun) 10: 13: 39Cause it' s the only way I can make a girl do what Iwant her to do.

Since someone on here said they didn't like Dave Grohl

#‘(§ rohm F' msotly included a notesaying "l want you to know that when you come home, , editio tickets toany Foes show, anywhere, any two cold beers youDave Grohl IS the drummer on all three Tenacious D siu' , albumsDave Grohl w' aspe sole member?He sang,played _' iihf played guitar on all of the songs.

Getting close to family.

Getting close to family. i Anonymous 'H/ ( Fri) 20: 16: 08kneed to come out to parentswwant to do it in a way that' sinteresting and refreshinggoes off over my head40 KB we parody and sing it in front of them!"sprend --30 minutes writing 'lyrics'over a Meghan Trainer instrumentalapparently, it' s harder than it looksfrom my den into the living room wheremy parents are watching TVIquorn, Dad.

Doom will and won't come

Doom will and won't come Mahmud Sara!Guys.