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GERMANY NOOO, NOOO, NOOOOOOOO !!! One in ten Germans want an newFUHRER and a third believe theircountry ‘is dangerouslyby foreigners’, newstudy findsIr per cant think Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate to the countryIr 11 per cent said Jews have too much influence in societyIr Study argues extremist thinking has become more acceptable in societyImagesThirty per cent claimed Germany had been ‘infiltrated by too many foreigners in a dangerousway‘

Kickass Fact Comp #95

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Spanish officer killed 4 terrorists

Spanish officer killed 4 terrorists HERO OF Cah/ : Officerkilled FOUR jihad's as theymarched from Audi on killingrampageA HEROIC police officer killed four terrorists singlehandedly in a shootout in Cambellstatter the sick jihad's rammed a van into pedestrians " just hours after the Mrtnt in theheart of Barcelona.The officer- who local media has said is female - wiped out the jihad's seconds after theyrammed their Audi through crowds and into her police car.

What do you think, FJ?

What do you think, FJ? William Legate 6hot'Flip the poll near the bottom of this article!thesun.

Keg leg Kelly the reupload

Keg leg Kelly the reupload 254x321 )co Anonymous 10/ 29/ 13( " 49 No 513265818 Reyna: »seanessys » » »» »damask redolence court on a weekly ease besause ewe.He 1383038281231 mew KB, , thesock wenMddle Eastern woman seenTryng to getvet so hes not weresees my her statements to the seenHere' s her situatonm months were she nuee we and her husband moved name sanepaneAmy weeks were she nee.

Lesbian couple gets 20yrs jail for torturing their son

Lesbian couple gets 20yrs jail for torturing their son Lesbian couple who beat their -old son with a hammer,his eyes shut and kicked him in thegroin in a brutal attack that causedhim to suffer two strokes are jailed for20 yearsRachel Stevens, 29, and her partner Kayla Jones, 26, pleaded no contest onFriday to child abuse and child neglect chargesAffidavit states Stevens hit her son with a hammer, and both she and Joneswhipped him with a beltToddler was hospitalized in December 2015 with lesions to his face andseizures, and doctors then found he had multiple broken bonesHe also suffered seizure and two strokes as a result of the attacksThey were jailed for 20 years on Wednesday as part of a plea deal

Fuckbots? In my women? It's more likely than you think

Fuckbots? In my women? It's more likely than you think Third of men, one in five women would havesex with ROBOT.A third of men say they would have sex with a ROBOTOne in three men would be interested in having sex with a robot , if it was technicallypossible and would feel real, a: Harding to a survey by Youkai.