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UK's first gay Muslim wedding gets a lot of backlash

UK's first gay Muslim wedding gets a lot of backlash E Anonymous [III-* 7}?NEWSGroom, 24, weds the19- harrold who savedhis ife in Britain' s firstever gay Muslimwed ingBy Darren Boyle forJuly 11.

Shia LaBeouf has completely snapped

Shia LaBeouf has completely snapped Japanon examines the alt-right movement 10 mns agoJoe Rogan Podcast in a nutshell 11 mns agoSpoiler alert: he shouldn't 16 mns agoSeems like Greg has eventually found a good home on funnyjunk 19 mns agoYour first dark souls playthrough 24 mns agoanon goes on a pizza hut date 1 hr agoMy mommy always said there were no monsters.1 hr agoNonexathe Absa Balluigepu 1 hr ago

Is this what the left want for their children?

Is this what the left want for their children? Z Home News ths.I Sport I / I Australia I Femail I Health I Science I Money I 'Latest Headlines I News I World Hews I Arts I Headlines I France I Pictures I Most read I Wires I DiscoBoy, S, found hanged 'was bullied forbeing white'I Aaron Delmore, nine, found hanged at Birmingham home by his motherI Believed to be Britain' s second youngest 'suicide' caused by bullyingI The schoolboy was rushed to hospital but died of suspected cardiac arresta Family claim Aaron was being tormented by bullies at his new schoolI Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Aaron' s deathBy LARISA BROWN FOR THE DAILY MAI LPUBLISHED: 15: 54 EST, 24 February 2013 I UPDATED: : 118 BST, 25 February 2013A boy of nine who was found hanged isbelieved to have killed himself after hewas "bullied for being white' by an Asiangang at school.


GERMANY NOOO, NOOO, NOOOOOOOO !!! One in ten Germans want an newFUHRER and a third believe theircountry ‘is dangerouslyby foreigners’, newstudy findsIr per cant think Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate to the countryIr 11 per cent said Jews have too much influence in societyIr Study argues extremist thinking has become more acceptable in societyImagesThirty per cent claimed Germany had been ‘infiltrated by too many foreigners in a dangerousway‘

Kickass Fact Comp #95

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Spanish officer killed 4 terrorists

Spanish officer killed 4 terrorists HERO OF Cah/ : Officerkilled FOUR jihad's as theymarched from Audi on killingrampageA HEROIC police officer killed four terrorists singlehandedly in a shootout in Cambellstatter the sick jihad's rammed a van into pedestrians " just hours after the Mrtnt in theheart of Barcelona.The officer- who local media has said is female - wiped out the jihad's seconds after theyrammed their Audi through crowds and into her police car.