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"This is male privilege!"

"This is male privilege!" 19TH FEB 1014 : " NEWSTHIS IS MALE PRIVILEGEJust left the dorm to get dinner.I got:4 guys whistling at me10 guys melting at me from their car windowsfit guys stepping me just to tell me I' m 'gorgeous" )3 guys asking me for sex1 guy inappropriately tenuring me5 guys saying something about my butt1 guy a door for me and saying “ladies first"And that was all in 10 minutes.

big reveal - imagnet comic

so this happenedl n have o my serve!by the mylemons Mme may comm makees on havems o medvid thumbs on m my you winch one l amShit.

/tv/ on Rick and Morty

/tv/ on Rick and Morty fucking idiotsLl Anonymous 02/ 23/ 17( Thu) 0727: 06 No.79705183God' s not real Mortytthe redditor begins to chuckleis pointless Moiety, your “"URP* parents aretthe redditor laughs out loud, spewing Dome crumbs all over his deskup fucking steeple, everybody is an idiot but metame redditor can hardly contain his full bellied laughter as chortles begin to fill the roomPOOPY DOOP FUCK SHITredditor starts convulsing on the floor, gasping for air between spasms of laughterget schwiftylathe redditor' s heart explodes and he diesctia {Fairly accurate.