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Battlefield 1: Elite Classes Explained in Detail

Battlefield 1: Elite Classes Explained in Detail The core classes of Battlefield 1 aren't the only kits players can get access to.DICE has actually introduced a new lineup of what they're calling "elite classes" into the game that give players the opportunity to assume the role of a flame-spitting pyromaniac, a heavily-armored machine gunner, or a tank-seeking hero that can stop vehicles dead in their tracks.

From Harvard to YouTube, 6 free online classes for improving your photography

From Harvard to YouTube, 6 free online classes for improving your photography Nope, that’s not a typo in the headline – you can take Harvard photography classes online for free.Here are six places to learn photography online, from beginner’s concepts to advanced techniques and post processing.

Roleplaying Against Type in D&D! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)

Christianity VS Norse Gods (Asatru) 23 hrs agoThe Best Brofist in Gaming History 23 hrs agoShots fired.And not at her face this time.

college art classes are hard

college art classes are hard Keep in mind ME:A release 20 hrs agocaught in the act attempting to break into a property 20 hrs agoOne sword to rule them all.23 hrs agoAND WE'RE THE GAME GRUMPS 21 hrs agoSince someone on here said they didn't like Dave Grohl 20 hrs agoI didn't know what I expected 20 hrs ago

USA schools teaching islam

USA schools teaching islam JonTron has already almost recouped his lost subscribers 23 hrs agoPlaytonic banning users for asking for refunds 23 hrs agoDesire for a Dragon [k009 Comic] 21 hrs ago/pol/ figures out why is Japan so based 22 hrs agoFeel good morbid 2; electric boogaloo 21 hrs agoAnon has a unique family tradition 22 hrs agoDank Anime Weebms Part 94 (Long) 03/24/2017

Wholesome Comp w/ Doggos

Wholesome Comp w/ Doggos Muslim black Refugees Attacking Frenchman.But He Has a Surprise 3 mns agoA Dry Doggo Is A Happy Doggo 47 mns agoDark Souls 3: Controlling Enemies Mod 1 hr agoWhere Marvel Got Deadpool 1 hr agoWonder Woman's weapon : Hestia's noose 1 hr agoPhilippine Independence Day - Scout Rangers 1 hr agoSome crispy anime webms (more than a few mp4s) 1 hr agoSituational Awareness is Key 1 hr agoMonster Hunter will be at E3 1 hr agoMoney can solves most problems.

/b/tard goes home early

/b/tard goes home early C) Anonymous 07/ ' 17( Sat) : 23 Ne.738233317 PWe meHesse school early because fuck my last two classeshighscool is retarded, never noticess car is in the drivewayawfuck.