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Autism is just Shitty Parenting

Autism is just Shitty Parenting Put a child in front of a his whole infancy to watch people whoare completely unaware of his existence and nayer look at him inthe eyes We completely unrealistic MIS'.for his amusement.

/an/on slaughters a duck

/an/on slaughters a duck 5 Anonymous 07/ 18/ 17( Tue) 11: 53: 40 blo/ 2433777sback when beta_ anon was 10shave 1 his friend who is an onlyA child and rich asfffriend lives in 6 bedroomlakefront mansionand swan familiesacuter pegMme and friend go down to lakefront after seeingmama duck and 6 babiesslots of lose rock on ground at lakefrontssome rocks as bigger than golf ballregretrreally trying to impress rich friend - jokingly sayBet I can hit one"epick up rock and throw in generaldirection of duck family (est.away onlake)rock strikes mama duck on neck instantlyshattering multiple vertebraesits head uncontrollably plunges into waterfduck cannot get head above water and violentflapping and muffled squawking ensuewwtf have I doneWe me cannot emotionally handle the burdenof the crime I had just committedfduck since stopped moving and making noisegust of wind blows the corpse away withchicks still followingFriend comforts the by saying that it' s justlooking for eels underwater to protect the chicksrepented that night

Sole's Shattered Soul

Sole's Shattered Soul Ronnie message of the second:::::::::::::::::When I was a child, I hated shoes with a passion.I would test my resolve by walking barefoot down a gravel driveway for 50 yards.

Could be fake, interesting if not

Could be fake, interesting if not OPEN LETTER TC) LOS ANGELES MUSIC INDUSTRYAND LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIESRecently, I have obtained evidence implicating several popular recording artists in thepromotion at at child seat ring in the United States.-ledge the presenceof a human and pedophile ring closely aligned with the music industry and tnecontemporary art co.

Anon's mom finds porn stash

Anon's mom finds porn stash From the creators of Regular Show comes this new show 4 mns agoClarkson having a midlife-crisis 30 mns agobadass way to lose your job 34 mns agoFeminist: Science shouldn't be scientific 40 mns agoEpic fidget spinner tricks 51 mns agoput him out of his misery 1 hr agoBe tolerant of intolerance you bigot 2 hrs agoanimal gifs are the best gifs 2 hrs agoInsomni from Yo-Kai Watch 2 hrs ago