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MFW When I See a Thicc Chick

MFW When I See a Thicc Chick I dont want the world to see this 22 hrs agoWe have the technology, someone tell Bioware 17 hrs agoWhat an Australian meat pie sounds like 23 hrs agoVery important conference 17 hrs agoSky Williams reacts to Shadman 22 hrs agoSt Patricks Day = White Pride rally 21 hrs agoMan with MS and HIV offers help, gets savagely beaten 23 hrs agoUhh sir?Are you alright?

Japan bringing the bantz

Japan bringing the bantz You seduce a chick there and give them a nice solid American dicking, and their little "midnight rendezvous" affects them the next morning.I mean who the **** would want to go there when Maine is right there if you want depressing Wuthering heights style scenery.

Robots try to get a girl

Robots try to get a girl 5 AnonymousCommunal (female) threadRoastin whore Aria Alexander has quitmaking porn and is looking for a sugardaddy to take care of her as she followsher "dreams".If we pool all of our spare cash together43 KB JPGwe can possibly afford to have a forour board, Personally I am able to give per monthplus some chicken teddies.