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Just US Healthcare things

Just US Healthcare things In the USA, it' s cheaper to take an Uber ta the hospitalinstead of an ambulance.Yau should caly call an ambulance if: the person is elderly,pregnant, m the seizure lasts mare than 4 minutes.

It would be cheaper

It would be cheaper when a girl wear booty shorts in the airport 1 mn agoHuh, which one is women?2 mns agoMistress Itsuka the Undefeated of the class 1-B 3 mns agowhen youre teach wanna fug 6 mns agoFunny Cats Gif compilation 10 mns agowhen you do all the work on a group project 10 mns agome when mods try to ban me 10 mns agoDoes she like it gentle or rough?