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Need a good woman

Need a good woman I need a woman to cook for meand clean up after me,and somebody who' ll do -.IThat' s just a maid.

Anon sees a pattern

Anon sees a pattern Muslims attest: Charlie Heine and marketMight up buildingsspray for victimsMuslims massacre students at BahamaMight up buildingsspray for victimsMuslims blew up the subway In Belgiumslight up buildingsspray formuslimssheet up In Tunisiaslight up buildingsspray for victimsMuslim was paople-' trainslight up buildingsspray for vit: timsMuslim wastes El] new in Floridaslight up buildingsspray formusciansMuslim sheets up [resale in Sanslight up buildingsspray forMuslim runs ever familer an the Hide shareslight up buildingsspray EarMuslim drives We people at Westminsterslight up buildingsspray for victimsMuslim drives intuit Into german Christmas maritalslight up buildingsspray iser victimsmusciansMuslim dawns has people in Samslight up buildingsspray ffr victimsGEE WHEE IF I HAD A PhD IN ; I COULD SEE A FLATTERD BUTT DENT

Daily News July-3-2017

Daily News July-3-2017 Things are not looking all that great for Ethereum right now.WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE ETHEREUM PRICE?