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Robot feels like Chad

Robot feels like Chad File: goolge_.igg (44 KB, 1067x600)D Anonymous 07/ ( Mon) 23: 24: 51 No.

Robot loses wizard status

Robot loses wizard status MI File j [TDD KB, 423x750)I he became Chad Ananymous ( Mort) : 57 No.39210239 [Realyl.


THE REAL FPS HEALER IS HERE The virginanly reaseon embedscares seem herweak, passive stanceheels because theycan' t play entrants elsehas thecapability ct aprobably still has wet tarta medical Ileana'shas stay pistolInst ant wegallant shavelet a meleeresent mm Iaccidentally!turned hem“; may ',',Barm!

/fit/izen meets Chad at the gym

/fit/izen meets Chad at the gym Hia 7: 38: 23his a fat Md:been going to gym trying to sumething m get milk back m trackdoing cardio because i' m tn intimidated m lift weightsFinally like aam when I thaught nu me was amend I m use to try and squatan empty her since We uni}; dune hum; weight squats hemeawhile shad prunes out of ' ts "Hey bro, let me help we out''an hear out pf his night he shew me a few lifts, wits me when he' s here and that he' s always happy he helpweep humping into Chad when wonering um, he' s always helpful and meets mewe keeps trying to get me m sums purer his place fur beer mugHeep thinking it' s gunna he like Genie but finally gtl, Chad and all his friends are mus as hellup getting a date with sums chick that was there, gut laid fur the first time in wereshed is truly out greatest ally

Anon is pissed off

Anon is pissed off Admin's mining program when?4 mns agoDon't disrespect the bun, schweinehund 15 mns agoUK Police Supervising Flyer Distribution 22 mns agoAnon reacts to ((archeologists)) discovering female warrior grave 26 mns agoBojack hit way too close to home with this 34 mns agoWhat are elves good for anyway?