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Picture of the newest shipment (03-2017) GG Eurocucks

Picture of the newest shipment (03-2017) GG Eurocucks Good for you my slavic brothers 50 snds agoEnough with the God damn camera, Janet 2 mns ago"We have contributed disproportionately to the success." 3 mns agoPerfect actors don't exist.

Daily News: Apr-5-2017

Daily News: Apr-5-2017 Facing her first serious Syria showdown at the Security Council, the ambassador, Nikki R.The United States, France and Britain have accused the Syrian government of responsibility and bitterly criticized Russia — Syria’s main ally in the six-year-old war — for objecting to a resolution they drafted condemning the attack.

The hero we need.

The hero we need. I' m just wondering arwe know the menu to w ch weight isyou know something that on acquire through our the menu to w h for some people.

/pol/ack talks to Mormons

/pol/ack talks to Mormons local Mormons,missionaries agree to talk.mine of them starts crying tears of joytalking about being filled with the spirit.