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Bin your knives, create art

Bin your knives, create art Anti Trump Wall Arguments lol 22 hrs agoAnother medic bites the dust 23 hrs agoStray Kit Joins Your Party 21 hrs agoPutin Critic Suffers Organ Failure 22 hrs agoCNN has lost their minds!02/02/2017anon meets a girl in mental hospital 21 hrs agoIs This How Scandinavians Poo?

Ken M on Chimps

Ken M on Chimps Chimps That Attacked Texas Student wereAlihHen M 4 1 day 22 hours ago I Remove 6 f.,not a sunrise cause the animals have nothing to look forward to - our church group used toread the scriptures to the monkeys in our local zoo before they put a rule against it1 hours ago I Report Abuse 4} / isp 4}Ken M.

Just to clear things up

Just to clear things up The Racial pay gap is false.Slavery wasn' t invented by white peoplePepe the frog isn' t a hate symbol, just a meme.