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Sherlock Holmes is Back on the Case!

Sherlock Holmes is Back on the Case! One of the most well-known fictional detectives, Sherlock Holmes, made his first appearance way back in 1887.Holmes’ keen powers of observation, reasoning, and deduction helped to pave the way for advances in real-life detective work within Scotland Yard, so it makes sense that he continues to be beloved by audiences!

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Gets Free Weekend on Steam

In case you were interested in Wasteland 2 but never had the chance to try it in the past, you'll be pleased to know that the game is free for the weekend on Steam.Considering we're talking about a fully-featured and pretty long game, the weekend probably won't be enough for many of you to complete it, but it should at least help you figure out if inXile's post-apocalyptic RPG is worth your money and time or not.


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