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EnVy of the LCS: EnVyUs's Successful Team Dynamic

EnVy of the LCS: EnVyUs's Successful Team Dynamic Currently, Team EnVyUs doesn’t have the type of roster that would bring that term to mind, but does possess a specific team dynamic and identity from the get-go.They haven’t exactly been dominant, but the communication between the two in teamfight and early game situations has been on point so far.

"Speak softly, but carry a big nuke"

"Speak softly, but carry a big nuke" The one year anniversary of TPP 21 hrs agoTrump is such a terrifying fascist.20 hrs agoWe must team up against the Weebs 22 hrs agoBad Jokes With Randy Marsh 12 hrs agoDoggo turns to vicious killing machine 22 hrs agoMost Dominant Display in Leaf History 18 hrs agoDon't mean to point fingers but.

/k/anuck lights up a mugger

/k/anuck lights up a mugger 33117642BOARDS /K/Ccing a big fucken lightAnonymous l 33117642.ago no Illive in canadaccan' t legally carry/ defend yourselfwith a guncouild one of these fuckers andconceal it in a huge satchel wherever Ismugger tries to pull some shit onenight while i' m walking down a backalleyhwhip out my Backburner (patentpending) homebuilt football fieldilluminatorAlick the necessary switches toboot it up, hooligan standing theredumbfounded watching the processmpa player and speakerstarts playing Light Up the Night by TheProtomenTrip off my jacket and pants to reveal afull body reflective suittthe ' shakes himself fromhis stupified state and attempts to pulla knifessay with a shit eating grin "That wasn' ttoo.

Diplomatic bags in secret

lilli) lla MISUSE OFNORTH KOREAN DIPLOMATIC BAGSEach diplomat can carrya unique bag as enteringforeign countries.The bag is called a diplomatic bagcontaining classified informationand important documents.

Anon helps a disabled girl

Anon helps a disabled girl E Anonymous (ID: -1 EB20452929 sfssee girlsin wheelchairclift is out of servicelooks a little perturbedherioffer to carry her up the stairsoh that' s very sweet of you but-"preassure her of my strengtha little, just to get the message acrossbut really-"suecide to be alphaajust fuckin pick her upsay muchcarry her up the five flights ofstairsher clownoff with a slightly smug expressionjust sits there, unable ts do anythingwithout her wheelchair