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right to the heart of the matter

right to the heart of the matter It doesnt matter, you guys cant resist.Just surrender yourself to glory of penetratinga woman of a different color of you.

Love Trump's hat

Love Trump's hat Japanon doesn't believe in democracy 11 hrs agoSJW is triggered by biology class 15 hrs agoBin your knives, create art 13 hrs agogood Samaritan helps disabled dog 23 hrs agoTHE MADMAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH 10 hrs agoAntifa Threatens Daughter of Pro-Trump 11 hrs agoShe thought she got away!16 hrs agoAnon tells how they got their nickname.

$100k for a cheeto

$100k for a cheeto Gorilla Hot Cheetos - RARE " the of a Kind Cheetos - Caramba GorillaItem condition:NewTime left: Mn Wm Ms Tuesday.s:.

Guys be like 'why cant i find anybody'

4 Shareshared Scrolli King' s photo.MAin' t 2 many chicks out herethat' s gon ride witchu & struggleI - __ _ - shared Amman Shaylah' e photo.