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Anon on white people

Anon on white people I' m not a Nazi by any means, but honestly I cannot understand how anyone could look at the history the white races andthen proceed to fuck with them in any way.After they were done fighting in every jungle on every continent.

You Cannot Defeat 4chan

You Cannot Defeat 4chan TECH BIZ ENTERTAINMENT LIFE f 7.y LEHe Will : Divide Us’ LiverpoolStream Taken Down Following ychanTrolling.

le pen is mightier than the sword.

le pen is mightier than the sword. Monsieur Macron you have an amazing talent.You have been speaking for seven minutes *i H Delectand I cannot sum up what you have said.

dam girl, calm your mammaries.

dam girl, calm your mammaries. Monday's Cute Things - 1/5/2017 4 mns agofun with navy seals copy pasta 16 mns agoEveryday life with my right hand 19 mns agoBetter gun skins, When?24 mns agoJONTRON TRANSCENDS TROUGH SPACE AND TIEM 33 mns agoThe Worst Part of the Subscribe Feature 37 mns agonew fast and furious looks good 37 mns ago