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butthurt trump haters unite

butthurt trump haters unite Calling for hanging of Trump and 2 Republican deaths per deportation of illegal immigrants on his public twitter account.A professor at a California university believes President Donald Trump should be hanged and other Republicans summarily executed.

Meanwhile At Ronnie's Makeshift Indian Call Center

Meanwhile At Ronnie's Makeshift Indian Call Center Finally got to one of these myself again, although not due to lack of trying.I've just been busy with other things, irl things to be exact of course.

Daily News April 27-2017

Daily News April 27-2017 Crematorioum in Ohio didn't account for the extra fuelA crematorium in Ohio caught fire while burning the remains of an "overly obese" body, according to the owner.Don Catchen said the corpse caused flames to engulf one of his units in the city of Cincinnati.

Borderlewd lesbian shower sex leaked

Borderlewd lesbian shower sex leaked (edgy ******)has followed up on his threats and ransom demands made yesterday by the leaking first ten episodes of the fifth season of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black onto the internet, more than a month ahead of its still-scheduled premiere.The group demanded a, in their own words, modest sum of money,but the streaming company has ignored all of their demands.