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Racist gets appropriately punished

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/mu/ tells the story of Scatman

/mu/ tells the story of Scatman Anonymous C'?iia ( Thu) 00: 31: 07II" --dream of being a professional musician, but have a terriblestuttering problemmutter constant embarrassment and shame due to stuttering onstagealcoholic to cope with failureIrene day realize stuttering goes away when scat singingThe Scatmanisight record deal, sell millions of records, and achieveinternational fame at age 55i:: get cancer and die

The Alexa-enabled C by GE smart lamp is now available for pre-order

The Alexa-enabled C by GE smart lamp is now available for pre-order There are plenty of smart lights that can be controlled by Amazon Alexa voice commands, but now GE Lighting is about to integrate Alexa Voice Service (AVS) components into its C by GE LED smart table lamp so you can talk to it to control both the lamp and all your other Alexa-enabled smart home devices and appliances.You’ll also be able to ask the lamp about the news and weather, and even have it tell you a joke.