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Anon used to be taller than other people.

Anon used to be taller than other people. I Ananymous / 1 7( Stat) : 45in Be me, in high schoolin First year, taller than most peoplein ‘fears age by, stay same height, eberyone elsegets tallerin Final yearin Girl I knew semes up to main class and saysWow Anon, we' re shorter than ajust assumedyour were"in has stalledin "Maybe it' s cause of all the JACKIN' EFF I "What caused your eventual forced teed ferautism by the schewl principal en behalf cf thesafety and wellbeing cf the students at yew schewl.rakt?

Dark souls comp #42

Dark souls comp #42 [mentionlist Darksoulscomps] Your browser does not support the video tag.Your browser does not support the video tag.

Handcuffed teen saves life

Handcuffed teen saves life In September, Jamal was once again arrested on charges of violence, criminal mischief and burglary by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in Florida.While the young man was quietly waiting until officer Franklin Foulks was finished with his paperwork, he suddenly saw the officer collapse to the ground and also saw him noticeably reaching for his chest.