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38 times Stephen King absolutely slammed Donald Trump on Twitter

38 times Stephen King absolutely slammed Donald Trump on Twitter You don't have to spend long on Stephen King's Twitter feed to gain an insight into his feelings about the current U.The legendary horror-writer has been tweeting his thoughts about Trump (who he's previously referred to as a both "He Who Must Not Be Named" and "the Asshat Elect") ever since the billionaire's campaign kicked off back in summer 2015.

J.K. Rowling should _____

J.K. Rowling should _____ For those who think fascism is an edgyaccessory.When did fascism Income cool'?


NUKE SWEDEN, BURN IT THE FUCK DOWN! Attempted torape, stranglegirl outside ofpreschool butdoes not getdeported: "Thecrime is not HThe African assaulted andtried to brutally rape a flick!vald dagos menteenage tit slipper : "Intepreschool in Orebot.

Another side of history

Another side of history Dear Lord, he's one of us now!22 hrs agoSupporting the patriarchy 22 hrs agothese two redeveloped my faith in offline gaming 18 hrs agoIn west philadelphia born and ORA ORA ORA ORA!

I'd believe it.

I'd believe it. Eif theuWerewolves are stereotyped as ravenous monsters because thetransformations burn so many calories that they' re essentially starvingafterwords_ The more "controlled" werewolves are just the ones who figuredthis out and loaded up on calories beforehand, whereas the "wild" onesassume its part of their nature to hunt and eat whatever' s nearby.The transformation back burns calories too, but by that point they' re exhaustedfrom running around in the woods all night, not to mention the physical strain oftwo transformations.

[Part 2] Video game characters IRL

[Part 2] Video game characters IRL Gift wrap,unwrap,salad wrap,chicken wrap,bubble wrap 37 snds agoWhen shopping doesn't help you forget 1 mn agoDrawing my favorite Pokémon 1 mn agoWhen you move to the country 2 mns agoKancolle Arcade - New shipgirls added 12 mns agoThe conquered mourns, the conqueror is undone 14 mns agoGirdakor Ligliss Ussalulab 18 mns ago