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Historical photos part untitled

Historical photos part untitled M-29 Tactical Nuclear Bazooka, one of the smallest nuclear weapons.1961BTW herecomesmaverick made a channel for all historical purposes called The-Museum so if you have any stuff from the past, post it there Mr & Mrs Winston Churchill, T.

Who's your best buddy?

Who's your best buddy? ECW Sabu T Shirt Commercial 3 mns agoZimopot Cuabattiry Cimimsed 9 mns agoTucker Carlson vs.The Nation Snatchers 13 mns agofolders #3: cool/interesting 21 mns agoCongress Just Approved Killing Of Hibernating Bears And Wolves 43 mns agoI saw we're uploading old stuff 54 mns agoRyū ga waga teki o kurau 1 hr agoTAKE YOUR THUMB WHORING GARBAGE SOMEWHERE ELSE 1 hr ago