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Its Time To Stretch

Its Time To Stretch Cool stuff because I accidentally lost my meme folder 4 mns agoHolyo Hesl Ackofe Udertelt 7 mns agocomp of all funny stuff i saw today 10 mns agoWhat ever happened to our online friends?13 mns agoSkullgirls bizarre adventure 15 mns agoSCP Comp N.

Do you think Baal and Kek are bros?

Do you think Baal and Kek are bros? st cities development my Us americas asia australia africaIsis 'blows up temple dating back toin PalmyraOfficial says group destroyed Baal Champain city described as being ofoutstanding universal value and first appearing in BCThe stem of Baal with Thunderboltfound in the ruins.we withThunderboltleathel, rain,he was maul In mane acts; [ll!

There's a new kind of snowflake in town: the 'Broflake'

There's a new kind of snowflake in town: the 'Broflake' Of all the moronic alt-right internet slang, of which there are truly endless examples, the word "snowflake" should be at the top of everyone's list.Following Trump's election, the word spiked in popularity, so some liberals have started to fight back the best way they knew how: by popularizing the term "broflake" instead.

/fit/izen goes on Tinder

/fit/izen goes on Tinder Prepare for the solar eclipse 2 mns agoAnons discuss Eric Clanton aka the bike lock guy 8 mns agoRobot loses wizard status 14 mns agoMagic Item Cards by R-N-W 18 mns agoHow mousesama wins thumb wars 34 mns agoTime to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel 39 mns agoTerrorists Destroy Monument in Baltimore 45 mns agoLooking directly at the eclipse today 59 mns ago