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Anon questions British domestic policy

Anon questions British domestic policy Fifi f brit/ EAnonymous 5 minutes agotat HKIRA attacksEarnest everyone with an irish accentsimpleton them without evidence for an indefiniteperiod of timeAstarte them to deathsstop and frisk everyone that passes you on the streetgforce curfews on their neighbourhoodsckick down their doors and loot their houses when youfeel like itstarlight up execute civilians, including children, onthe street for looking at you weirdrapes 1000 childrenof evidenceskive him a couple years in jail, but not before lettinghim away with it for a decadespake blows up your buses and trainsskive pakis more welfare moneyspake runs over your citizens, kills your police and triesto attack your government officialsiwork your hardest to keep him alive and let 2innocents diesim/ ite more pakis at the end of the day to replace theones you jailed, except you bring them in at a 10: 1 rateExplain it to me.

Trap hates white people

Trap hates white people BRIT TRANS MODEL FIRED L' OrealSACKS its first transgender modelafter she blasted 'ALL white peopleare racist' in shocking Facebook rantThe star was one of the five ambassadors the brand just addedto its True Match diversity campaignBy Chloe II and J on Lock atCOMMENTSA TRANSGENDER model who claimed "ALL white people are racist' in a shockingrant days after being unveiled in her new role has been sawed by herbosses.Munroe , 29, was billed as "the face of modern diversity" and was one of theambassadors to be added to Lineal' s "Yourstruly True Match" campaign.