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Why Trump Chose Mike Pence..... (Comp)

Why Trump Chose Mike Pence..... (Comp) REMINDER:Mike Pence is a proponent ofgay conversion therapy, which usestaxpayer money to literally ,the gay out out of teenagers.It' s funny that my worst fear of atrump presidency is this guy assecond in line.

12 ways to brake the usa

12 ways to brake the usa 12 WAYS TO BREAK THE USAfrom Atlas of Prejudice by Yankosf!prI tto"Hedonism " Microwaves " Smarty PantsI Square " Barbecue Belt " Bible Beltintellectuals " Deep Fried SouthH West Coast Hip Hop " Racists in Denial I vegansSamples " : ists I CarnivoresEast Coast Hip HopNasty winters " BurgersH oshiete H People Who Will Go to Heaven " TacosFried ChickenCaucasia " Stand Your Ground "1 Land of aMexico " Stand Your Sinkhole " Tornado Mey