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I Feel This A Lot

I Feel This A Lot Want to feel like a special snowflake but not being singled out 2 mns agoTrump honors victims of Armenian Genocide 2 mns agoThis will make leftists like Reddit more 15 mns ago"Zach Snyder hates Superman" they said.28 mns agoBest Videobomb Dancing Behind Reporter Ever 59 mns ago3rd episode of boku no hero be like 1 hr ago[TYT] Cops arrest Flint Residents 1 hr agoY'all jealous of his new gf 1 hr ago

Brave American on /pol/ defends his culture.

Brave American on /pol/ defends his culture. E Antonymous( ID:Tropical storm LuciferNo.11312072' 1storm about to hitLA in over 20 years5 tropical stormalreadyhappeningma HE JPG Unamed after the devilis God finally punishing California?