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Illegal Alien has a breakdown

123 comments share save hide give gold reportt H: 21 points 1 day agoSo if you' re undocumented do you pay taxes?icke-imk embed save report cloist' gold replypoints 11 hours agob Why should we pay taxes exactly?

two sides of cringe

two sides of cringe This will never be breaking news 18 hrs agoHow does Merkel sleep at night?19 hrs agoBulgarians removing illegal kebabs 12 hrs agoLeaf defend America against a "world power" 13 hrs agoShell puppy and his new toy 16 hrs agoWould you go out with me?

br? br? br? in the IDF

br? br? br? in the IDF And another dude was from South Africa (some just could't believe him) low educated Israelis (or people anywhere in the world) sometimes focus a lot in stereotypes.He grew up in a Druze village in the north next to an Arab-Israeli village.