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Nikki Chan Is My Spirit Animal

Nikki Chan Is My Spirit Animal You won't hear about on MSM 15 hrs agoMichael Cera was an extra in The Witcher 23 hrs agoFeel trip to best trainer 16 hrs agoFirst World Problems in Skyrim.20 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 64 16 hrs agoYou can't be white and Swedish.

OP and the Chihuahua

OP and the Chihuahua mom divorced dadwot a redneck boyfriendredneck boyfriend gets a chihuahuaare hateful little beingschoose only one person to like and terrorize the rest on behalf of that one personI hayato walk around with atonal and bleach places where this little fuck pee' sllegue you shoes on the floor, it pisses on themHome home and set down your pisses on itmet up from your plate.

Tumblr Comp pt.1

Tumblr Comp pt.1 India becomes a world power 21 hrs ago#BLM provides acceptance into Standford 17 hrs agoSo who is getting the ball 19 hrs agoProperly fit classy or work appropriate cloths 20 hrs agoAnon goes to Piggly Wiggly 22 hrs agoHow the Media Controls the Public 15 hrs agoThe Future of the Flag of Germany 23 hrs agohow normie fallout players react vs hardcore fallout players 20 hrs agoThe strongest loop knot you can tie 21 hrs agoYou Win Some, You Lose Some 14 hrs ago