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/b/tard has a fairly lucrative idea

/b/tard has a fairly lucrative idea Ijust bought a mine inl, ' I Wyoming, (no taxes thankfully).I' m justI'll wondering how long on average does ittake to generate about ,000, 000 worth377 KB PNG of gold?


ALWAYS LISTEN TO MORGANA ltitle 'lloll Well, it the cattry) "Christ?on Apr 11.

Well that escalated quickly

Well that escalated quickly we Jan weL) tah_ damn that' s some GOOD ASS!we Jan westampers (.

/b/tard gets a tattoo machine

/b/tard gets a tattoo machine MI File: IMG 20170826 180209 Fti] I"_ igg (543 KB, 1536x1536)My gt just bought a tattoo machine and I' m having a blast, give me tattoo ideasPic related, first tattoo I' ever made.MI Showing all replies.

School taught me so many useful things!

School taught me so many useful things! Drake & Josh think they're dad is cheating 4 mns agoyfw this is coming down on you 10 mns agoAnon tries to cook his tendies 15 mns agouh yeah it's a pretty good show.19 mns agoBecause I like causing pain for the network engineers out there.