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Animaniacs is now on Netflix

Animaniacs is now on Netflix i'm very glad to see this show on Netflix, it is a HELL of a lot funnier now than when I watched it as a kid.Not just getting the adult jokes, but actually appreciating the show's wit, writing style, and humor.

Ystul Momy Okeluc Amatarexi

Ystul Momy Okeluc Amatarexi ang152 KB PNGOP!itWhy even bother complaining thata show' s characters don' t act theirage when very few shows do?

wasps should be extinct

wasps should be extinct Atsan Ytyonompem Kifabyig 6 mns agoTrust nobody, not even yourself from the past 8 mns agoList of Countries that US have messed with 39 mns ago/fit/izen meets a militant vegan 44 mns agoLeave Iran alone, Fat terrorist.51 mns agoISIS guy trying to spook Spain gets meme'd 1 hr agoFree Xbox One game: Blacksea Odyssey 1 hr agoJapanese school girl Opal 1 hr agoThs may be the greatest thing I've ever seen 1 hr agoDeadpool 2 stuntwoman killed because diversity 1 hr ago> 2017, being white makes you Hitler 1 hr ago

A comp from your dog

A comp from your dog Date With Tomboy Osanajimi 3 mns ago/vp/ visits the Nintendo World Store 15 mns agoThe strongest man alive today 20 mns agoFJ Dances 6 - 2 DAYS LEFT TO SUBMIT 23 mns agoCherokee Myth 2: The First Fire 28 mns agoGame Releases For The Week 29 mns agoHurricane=mugshot in the dark 30 mns agoBig Band's Bizarre Adventure 38 mns agoFlorida has the power of anime on its side 39 mns agoNot so much funny but looking for trades 40 mns agoArm Wrestling With Tomboy Osanajimi 43 mns agoSTALKER Challenge - Creature in the Circle 53 mns agolizard people are among us 56 mns ago