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Is this journalist serious?

Is this journalist serious? tit Elk ti' tatt , EuniceIn the end, Mr.Trump ended up delivering both of theseimagined speeches - combined as one, And it worked, CentralEurope appreciated the president' s speech.

Anon on why he thinks trans should be banned

Anon on why he thinks trans should be banned That 41 percent suicide rate amongtransgender people is more than 25times the rate of the general population,which is 1.And among transpeople ages , the suicide attemptrate was 45 percent.

The man who survived two atomic bombs

The man who survived two atomic bombs Trash Knight 22: hug and fug the kobolds edition 11 mns agowhen i confess to someone 11 mns agohow anon meet his girlfriend 14 mns agoPentakill: Mortal Reminder [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] 17 mns agoEA will sell you the other half as DLC 22 mns agoHL2 16 * 4k monitors (16k) 30 mns agothe problems with fallout 3 35 mns agoSome more beginner writefagging 36 mns agoEmpty your cup, so you may fill it again 38 mns agoWhy cant you be like that?44 mns ago

Anon gets a birthday present

Anon gets a birthday present Nothing worse than fat shamingparents manI -A slave with mom and dadLi, tthey are both in their but inl good shapeam very obese, often struggle tobreathe etctthey treat me like a joketthey are rich as fuck and paid to have asecond kitchen built for my birthdaylike a nice thing at first however, thekitchen' is just several deep frying machines,sugar storage boxes and a list of fast foodand pizza delivery numbersfpictures of ronald mcdonald taped to thewallstthey call it the 'kitchen for the chef who isalways out of breathe'oxygen masks tied to the roofstff my life is a joke to them, they even jokeabout me having a stroke50 KB JPG

"FUCK EM BOTH" - Poland

"FUCK EM BOTH" - Poland Badass Argonians Oblivion Crisis - The Elder Scrolls Lore 14 mns agoDon't wake me up (first draft) 15 mns agoPepis Guardian the ballet 17 mns agoLife is too short to worry 25 mns agoRegarding Charlottesville 28 mns agoLeslie Nielsen almost got hit by lamp post bulb in Police Squad 29 mns agoGang Members React to Themselves Photoshopped Without Tattoos 34 mns agoThose fidget spinners are getting out of hand!39 mns ago"Dispatch, the chaotic good boy has been apprehended" 44 mns agoLarry Elder Interviews Economist Walter Williams | Charlottesvill 58 mns ago