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Married Life vs Dating Life

Married Life vs Dating Life Flung that **ucker across the room 5 mns agoFlung that **cker across the room 6 mns agoHello darkness my old friend 7 mns agoI don't need no arms around me 10 mns agoI looked out this morning and the sun was gone 16 mns agoOh come away from the day, here I stay 19 mns agoI'm waiting in my cold cell 28 mns agoI wanna give it all to you 31 mns ago

Small Shitpost Comp 19

Small Shitpost Comp 19 Appreciation for Li'l Judd 9 mns agoBORUTO episode 14 SUB INDONESIA | #UPDATE HD banget 18 mns agoA casualty from the new meme war?21 mns agomusic of the day, strange and offensive 22 mns agoAuethentic Space Program Photograph 28 mns agoI am not going anywhere :D 30 mns agoHIGHQUALITYANIMEPICSPRONWAIFUNAMIXLUFFY 34 mns agoMousou Telepathy Ch.

/pol/ wants to run for local offices

/pol/ wants to run for local offices We need to start getting involved inlocal politics, voting, and running forsmall positions, working out way up through the politicalmachine.THIS IS THE ONLY WAYi Anonymous (ID: -07/ 09/ 1 7( Sun) 1 7: 09: 28 No.

Historical photos part I fucked up the title

Historical photos part I fucked up the title The cathedral is the largest 13th-century Gothic cathedral in France.It was shortly before telephone companies started burying their wires.

he played the game

he played the game henry from awakening but it his eyes are revealed 4 mns agoTransgender realized he ruined his entire life 8 mns agoCaptain America is a tranny 15 mns agoAnyone Want to Play?A Pathfinder Game With Two Openings 19 mns agoStill on DualShock-styled Joysticks 20 mns agoA Healthy Sibling Relationship 27 mns agomelodramatic thous name is you.

Is this journalist serious?

Is this journalist serious? tit Elk ti' tatt , EuniceIn the end, Mr.Trump ended up delivering both of theseimagined speeches - combined as one, And it worked, CentralEurope appreciated the president' s speech.