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FJ, Are women becoming obsolete?

FJ, Are women becoming obsolete? anyone know how to fix this in h1z1 10 mns agoMy Little Adventure Party Academia 16 mns agoBat gets into Irish Kitchen, hilarious commentary ensues 18 mns agoYou wont eat Pork after watching this!19 mns agoCanibus interviewed by D-Ex on PhatClips (1998) 28 mns agoreference for later, move along 35 mns agoHelp stop maid abuse with a like 48 mns ago

Marriage can be fun

Marriage can be fun Why Video Game Journalists Being Bad at Video Games Matters 2 mns agohappens to me all the time 3 mns agoI'm a brazillian electric engineer 9 mns agoThe Truth About Hurricane Irma 11 mns agoWhen mainlanders ask me I'm evacuating for Hurricane Irma 13 mns agoSouth Park Difficulty Slider 18 mns agoAkko, what are you doing in Pokemon 20 mns agoOflamy Ridunsov Nitsuchai 20 mns agoA force to be reckoned with 45 mns ago