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White girl with a big booty

White girl with a big booty Bong explains the difference between USA and Europe 20 hrs agoWomen, am I right?I can totally relate!

Dandy Is My Spirit Animal

Dandy Is My Spirit Animal Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #34 20 hrs agoAnon wants to know why asians have weird eyes 22 hrs agoWhen u forgt to put ur name on the test 18 hrs agoThe evolution of conquering Jerusalem 22 hrs agobiologically accurate O_O 13 hrs agoCaution swan is aggresive 20 hrs agoEU boss threatens to break up US 17 hrs agoa good medic will not give up 12 hrs agoYou can't argue with the math 17 hrs agoMedical terms are now apparently insults.15 hrs ago