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Is This Moe Blob?

Is This Moe Blob? /b/ watches chocolate milk 22 hrs agoBlack bro gets what equality is actually about 18 hrs agoI too believe it's healthy to jerk off in front of everyone!21 hrs agoSpeed Weed's Bizarre Adventure 21 hrs agokiller robots from the future 17 hrs agoThis would never fit on a helicopter 22 hrs agoOppressive Bigot Put in his Place 20 hrs agoTime changes everything.

shes terrible but has a point

shes terrible but has a point The racist computers of the future 21 hrs ago300 Spartans Vs 8,000 Zombies 17 hrs agoThe Regressive Left in a Nutshell 20 hrs agoAnon Deciphers Luke's Cryptic Message 21 hrs agoWholesome Compilation for dndxplain 7 hrs agoAnon talks about his childhood 21 hrs agoFear does not equal reality 17 hrs ago