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CHURCHILL where he belongs

CHURCHILL where he belongs dank WebM compilation (pt 87) 22 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #9 21 hrs agoPoland into OC: Medium Rare 21 hrs agoFAKE NEWS?I'VE BEEN DIDDLED AGAIN 21 hrs agoUK Police Surrounding Embassy 21 hrs agoBill clinton checking out ivanka trump 20 hrs agoTrump “Baneposting” in His Speech 23 hrs agoawkward when it comes to pictures 20 hrs ago

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101 Right where it belongs :^) After dumping everything into the bin Your browser does not support the video tag.Okay, explanation what the literal **** is going on:>Do freelance work for a game retail shop>Apparently they received a shipment of ME:A with all of the CD-Keys stolen during transit>Big **** you to EA for not even disabling the stolen CD-Keys>This crap would actually need to end up in trash eventually so we just decided to have some fun

The world belongs to America

The world belongs to America Fallout Greentext i came across 37 snds agoDoomfist Origin Story Summary 1 mn agohear me out.about the meme war.

Anon belongs to a secret society

Anon belongs to a secret society HAI BOKU TEITOKU [TK Artwork] 3 mns agoBeing an offended lille snowflake feels good actually :) 6 mns agoProbably my last attempt at Risk 10 mns agoPevakelaks Viel Bimunsotiv 17 mns agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #48 22 mns agoI am also capable of empathy!25 mns agoLythim Zigra Rets Fextiveits 27 mns agoGedset Rave Wiree Kesaruammi 32 mns agoShe's Out There Somewhere 33 mns ago