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Counter Logic Gaming's Slow Summer Start

Counter Logic Gaming's Slow Summer Start Just a month ago, Counter Logic Gaming carried the hope of North America at the Mid Season Invitational, where they shocked everyone as a legitimate international threat.Similar to ahq e-Sports Club’s Westdoor, he plays mid lane as a facilitator for the rest of his team’s success.

Dead Effect 2 review -

Dead Effect 2 review - Dead Effect 2 continues where the previous game left off.On the spaceship ESS Meridian, death was conquered by a mad scientist, but many of the test subjects turned into zombies as a result.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Xbox One Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Overall, I simply didn't like this game.I went into it with high expectations, after having loved playing through the first game past its prime, and ended up being utterly disappointed.

Taking a look at Free-to-Play on Xbox One

Taking a look at Free-to-Play on Xbox One The term Free-to-Play can instantly conjure up a myriad of negative connotations to the more traditional gamer: parents being fleeced of thousands of pounds because they left their child alone for 10 minutes on Simpsons: Tapped Out, the more sinister business model Pay-to-Win, and generally the content of games being a lower standard with revenues not been explicitly known beforehand.

Pokemon Go Fuck Yourself

Pokemon Go Fuck Yourself Martin R.j, f Martin R.

Overcooked review -

Overcooked review - Onion Kingdom is being attacked by a very hungry spaghetti monster.Unfortunately, your team doesn’t have the necessary coordination to appease its ferocious appetite.

Nioh - PS4 Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

Nioh - PS4 Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room Nioh which was already shaping out to be one heck of an experience is now even better with the modifications that Team Ninja have performed.With multiple stages, sub-stages, and two wholly different boss fights with the second being “holy crap amazing” as it took a few times in order to learn her movements and abilities before finally coming out of that cavern victorious, what’s the rest going to be like?

Nioh Beta Demo Impressions

Nioh Beta Demo Impressions Hidden away in the PlayStation Store, a “Beta Demo” for the upcoming Action/RPG Nioh has been quietly gaining a lot of positive attention.Created by Team Ninja, Nioh is being compared to Dark Souls and the developer’s previous series, Ninja Gaiden.

Guest Column: Accepting the Suck

Guest Column: Accepting the Suck It's not that I don't like online multiplayer games.So I'm on board with multiplayer, but playing online fills me with a deep sense of dread and sorrow.