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Trump gets a dog

Trump gets a dog attemps family picks out a dogimmediate smear campaign begins against the canineMSNBC receives "leaked" report that the dog has barked at a black persinElizabeth Warren demands special investigation to leek intj) dqgs racist histeryCCNN headline reads "Trumps Deg aggressive towards blacks, says report (and whatelse don' t we know?)"Adiane (i( Feinstein))) accuses dog of ties to RussiaLeals) d dossier" claiming that dog came from a Russian breeder with ties to Putinarticle: 23 reasons why trumps new deg is literally the mast problematicanimal to ever be in the White House (like seriiously)spontaneous" mass protests appear in mastor cities against trumps racist dogTucker Carlson interviews Hanbun Scoreboard, leader of a "grassroots" activistgroup called "Resist Racist Dogs"federal judge rules that all dogs suspected of racism must be put down immediatelyIf I were trump I wouldnt try getting a dog either.

damn right its better than yours

damn right its better than yours kobayashi marooned:my milkshake brings all the boys tothe yardall of themthe ground begins to rumble and 3billion boys pour in over the hills inan huge boy tsunami, eclipsing thesun, destroying everything in theirpath.the entire city is razed to theground.

Daily News: 9/9/17

Daily News: 9/9/17 — Heavy squalls "" were sweeping across South Florida Saturday as the state braced for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, which forecasters warned could bring life-threatening winds and storm surges.Rick Scott strongly urged people to leave ahead of the Category 3 hurricane, which is expected to reach the Florida Keys Sunday morning.