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President Trump: Day 3 - The Wall

President Trump: Day 3 - The Wall President Donald Trump has signed orders to step up immigration enforcement and secure the US border, beginning with building a border wall with Mexico he promised during the campaign.The first executive order will order the building of “ a large physical barrier on the southern border,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters Wednesday.

Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's Day gifts my mom told me that in high school sheuse to get boyfriends at the beginning ofFebruary so they had enough time toget: her a valentines day gift and thenbreak up with them the day after andjust keep the gift and one clay she toldher parents about it and they made herkeep her boyfriend at least until the endof February and so she did and that boyis now my dad

Leaf comments on Dubai's flying taxis

Leaf comments on Dubai's flying taxis File: / sara; (473 KB, 630x653)U Anonymous.iligal ( Wed) 00: 32: 50Dubai will haveflying Lexie beginning in July.