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Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey

Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey Controversies and electoral misconduct {edit}Allegations cf electoral misconduct, irregularities throughout the campaign and state cf NY supporters were widespread prior to, during and after the referendum.On 23 January 201?

Anon needs some /adv/ice

Anon needs some /adv/ice File: Domestic )/., ipg (74 KB, 640x424)I need some fucking help guysrile meo in collegeErgonomics majorbeen talking with an Elli] girl, lets call her JaneSouper sweet and niceheart melts whenever I see herget closeof find out she has a boyfriend named Jake (not real name)like trailer park trashAppearently her parents knew his family so they wanted her to have a relationship with himshe comes into class with bruisestells me she fell down the stairs or tripped or something like thater happiness starts to become faintMilne we were eating lunch after class and she broke downme all the stuff Jake didEeveryone' s concernedRoumor gets aroundHake finds outwane is too afraid to break up with himstart hanging out more near her housewant to be there in case Jake shows upjust do in my carday i see Jake pull in to her driveways steaming madof try to duck downof spill my drink all car seatstainedItried bleach, didn' t workHow do I fix this?

Dark souls comp #44

Dark souls comp #44 I Wish Someone Could Hire Me For Their Meme Marketer 16 hrs ago/v/ finds out what Doom can't do 21 hrs agoWhat Ya Gonna Do When They Come For You?22 hrs agowhen your best friend is kinda dumb but you love them anyway 21 hrs ago

Got an extra $100,000? You could bid to win a lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook

Got an extra $100,000? You could bid to win a lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook This year, however, the winner gets a little something extra — a ticket to Apple Park, Apple’s fancy new HQ that isn’t even finished yet.Of course, such an outing won’t come cheap — the starting bid is $100,000, but the proceeds will go to the Robert F.

Why haven't we found aliens yet?

Why haven't we found aliens yet? WHY HAVEN' TAll Analysis Liethe/ problemThe active Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been ongoing for halfa century.The Rare Earthhypothesis argues that planets withcomplex life, like Earth.