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/bant/ discusses international politics ft. Seinfeld

/bant/ discusses international politics ft. Seinfeld I think it looks more like a puma 4 mns agoPresident Trump Delivers a Statement After Briefing on N.Korea 12 mns agoAI and Humans now have the same rights in China 29 mns ago"People said we were bad" 29 mns agoJoJo's Bizarre Summer Break Chapters 77 and 78 31 mns agoMike Pence's website has been hacked 34 mns agoThat's none of my business though 39 mns ago

/tv/ explains the Disney Star Wars hate

/tv/ explains the Disney Star Wars hate Will you open your heart for him?16 mns agoAchieved goal after getting goaled himself 23 mns agoOne more trick up the sleeve 28 mns agoOutside waiting for the eclipse all like 33 mns agoWhat's with the latest bug where advancing doesn't work?

I'm pregnant babe

I'm pregnant babe WATCHOUT This Zombie Has Come For Your Life Force 3 mns agoRinoftec Wesumyt Abyttupedu 15 mns agoHave You Watched The New Overwatch Short?20 mns agoSave the nick, do it quick 36 mns agoThursday's Cute Things - 24/8/2017 53 mns agoKendal's cute furry stuff 3: femdom edition 1 hr agoReaching Frontpage 3 sample 1 hr agoAttack Of the Manticore Extra SFW Edition 1 hr agoWhen your girlfriend farts on you 1 hr ago